1993 Ford Mondeo 1.8

The Triumph 2000 was a mid-sized automobile produced in Coventry by the Triumph Motor Company between 1963 and 1977.

Using the six cylinder engine first seen in the Standard Vanguard in 1961 and 4 speed manual gearbox (overdrive and 3 speed automatic were options), the monocoque body had independent suspension all round using coil springs. The servo assisted brakes were disc at the front and drums at the rear. Triumph's 2000 competed with the contemporary Rover P6 2000, which initially was offered only with a four-cylinder engine.

Many of these cars are still on the road, supported by owners clubs and specialist parts suppliers. They make an excellent introduction to the classic car scene. Prices vary depending on year and model with the mk1 2.5PI estate being the most valuable. A good roadworthy 2000 will cost around £7-800 with mint examples fetching upwards of £3500. A mk1 PI recently sold for £11,000. The 2000 and derivatives are also popular with modifiers due to their common parts and engines shared between other Triumph models such as the TR6, GT6, and Vitesse, this has been re-enforced by recent magazine articles showcasing modified Triumphs. As one owner quoted "Where else can you find a car that does 140mph in wood and leather for so little?"