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XJR 1400 Turbo

This page is dedicated to the XJR of Paul Callow from M.A.C. Turbo in Gillingham, Kent. This page shows it in it's present state of evolution. It has been featured twice in 'StreetFighters' magazine and was on their stand at the 2001 bike show at the NEC where it won 'Best European Streetfighter'.

XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_01_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_02_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_03_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_04_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_05_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_06_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_07_600.jpg
XJR1400 Turbo - 2001a_08_600.jpg