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My XJR1200

So, the Fazer bites the dust. Although I was more than happy with the Fazer, I really did need a bigger bike. Not neccesarily bigger in capacity, but definitely bigger in physical size. Being as I started on bikes back in the mid-seventies, I still prefer the look of those big naked bikes. The XJR I think, still has that sort of styling, but uses up to date mechanicals. This one was found at The Bike Shop in Faversham, Kent who offered £400 more than anyone else as a trade-in figure on the Fazer. Although this was more, I still lost a lot of money on the Fazer - the price you pay for having a new bike. It's a 1995 model and a full 'UK' spec bike - not a grey. It has had one owner and only done 5200 miles. When new it was black but it has been repainted recently in the 2000 1300SP colours. Like any 5 year old bike, it's not perfect, but with a little time & trouble I am sure it will gleam better than new. So it's out to the garage to start pulling it apart ready for the impending warm weather.

My XJR1200 - pics01.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics02.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics03.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics04.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics08.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics09.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics13.jpg
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My XJR1200 - pics18.jpg
My XJR1200 - pics24.jpg