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1976 Granada Ghia Coupé

I bought this car in 1994 for £350. It needed a small amount of work, but came with a months MOT. Over the years, I changed it slightly from standard specification basically to enhance it's appearance. This included quad headlights from a Ford Capri and white-band tyres. The headlight change was fairly complicated as it also meant the removal of the front indicators which are normally mounted on the outside of the lights. To get round this, I removed the halogen bulbs from the foglights mounted in the front valance, and replaced them with orange bulbs. This also require the fitting of wing-mounted repeaters as the indicators were only visible from the side. On the inside, virtually all the trim needed work on it in one way or another. The bulk of it was replaced with a black interior from a 1978, pre-facelift Mk II Granada Ghia. It took quite a while to modify the seats from fixed to tilting as required in a two door car. I fitted a centre-console from a Mk II Granada and modified the dashboard by removing the radio and putting it in the console, adding a cigarette-lighter and variable intermittent wiper control. The final addition to the interior was the fitting of a Mountney wood-rim steering wheel to complement the wooden dash, door-cappings and modified automatic transmission gear stick. I thoroughly enjoyed owning this vehicle and am really pleased that it was passed onto another owner who is even more passionate about it than I was. Although over the 3 years I owned it I had to to a lot of work on it, it proved to be a very satisfying experience.