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1982 Granada 2.8GL Estate

This one was bought as a temporary measure after I sold the coupé. It had Ghia electric seats and Injection alloys. It was bought in February 1997 for £800 and sold in June 1997 for the same amount. I did very little to it, all I really did was to fit a fully chromed grill and replace the inlet manifold gasket when it started letting water into the cylinders. I was actually forced into buying it by a friend - the story goes like this: After owning the coupé for a few years, I decided on a change and fancied a 2.8i Ghia X mark II. A friend in the club who has an absolutely stunning one said he had another one as well that was "in really good condition - just needs an over-rider". Knowing what his first car was like, I naturally assumed this was the case and duly sold the coupe on a saturday morning after arranging for my brother in-law to pick me up to go and get the 2.8. Well, I got there only to be confronted by an absolute pile of crap!. So I'm stuck in Croydon with the money from the coupé, no car and no way of getting home or to work on the following monday. I went into a newsagent and bought the local free-ads, etc. and started looking for a half decent car. After a few phone calls this is what I came up with from a guy in Kingston-On-Thames. It was a low mileage, one owner car and in extremely good nick - the day wasn't a complete loss after all.

1982 2.8GL Estate - image0069.jpg
1982 2.8GL Estate - image0070.jpg
1982 2.8GL Estate - image0071.jpg
1982 2.8GL Estate - image0072.jpg
1982 2.8GL Estate - image0078.jpg