B-52 Survivors

B-52G-130BW 59-2601, at Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered, strategic bomber operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) since 1955. The B-52A first flew in 1954, and the B model entered service in 1955. A total of 744 B-52s were built with the last, a B-52H, delivered in October 1962. It served in the Strategic Air Command. The B-52D models have the distinction of being the only, and the last bombers in aviation history, to have shot down enemy aircraft during wartime with machine guns (tail gunner's); two Vietnam War MiG killer bombers are currently preserved and on display at Fairchild AFB and the United States Air Force Academy. Only the H model is still in the Air Force inventory and is assigned to Air Combat Command and the Air Force Reserve Command.

Australia Australia

On Display

  • B-52G 59-2596, "2596 Darwin's Pride" at the Australian Aviation Heritage Center Darwin, Australia

South Korea South Korea

On display

  • B-52D 55-0105 at the War Service Memorial, Seoul, was operated by the 4258 SW at U-Tapao, 96BW at Dyess.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

On display

  • B-52D 56-689 at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Duxford, England, was operated by the 28th BW and 7th BW at Carswell AFB.

United States United States


  • B-52H 61-0025 is operated by NASA as " 025 " from the Dryden Flight Research Center.

On display

B-52B-5BO 52-005 at Wings Over The Rockies Museum
  • NB-52A 52-003 a converted B-52A that was used by the Air Force Flight Test Center as the X-15 Launch Aircraft at the Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona marked as " 0003 The High and the Mighty One "
  • B-52B 52-005 at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (closed Lowry AFB), Denver, Colorado as " 005 ". ,was accepted on 3 March 1955, and operated by the 6515th Maintenance Group (Air Research & Development Command) at Edwards AFB, 93rd BW / 330th BS at Castle AFB, 3415th MSG (ATC) at Lowry AFB, then redesignated as a GB-25B training airframe at the Lowry Technical Training Center, withdrawn from service April 1982.
  • NB-52B 52-008 at the Edwards AFB Museum, California as " 0008 ", originaly a B-52B then modified as a RB-52B then NB-52B. Assigned to NASA as Balls 8 for use as a mothership for the X-15, X-38, and X-43A, withdrawn from service on 17 December 2004.
  • RB-52B 52-013 at the National Atomic Museum Albuquerque, New Mexico, was originally a B-52B. One of the few B-52's to have actually dropped a nuclear weapon it was assigned on 21 May 1956 to the AF Special Weapons Center for Operation Redwing (Cherokee) / TX-15-X1 Hydrogen Bomb test - Fred Island AFB.
  • RB-52B 52-8711 at the Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland, Nebraska, originally a B-52B.
B-52B-10BO 52-008 at Edwards AFB Museum 55-0068 at the History & Traditions Museum 55-0083 at Air Force Academy 55-0105 at the War Service Memorial 56-612 at Castle AFB
  • B-52D 55-0068 at the History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB Texas
  • B-52D 55-0071 at the USS Alabama (BB-60) Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, Alabama as 0071 "Calamity Jane ".
  • B-52D 55-0083 at the USAF Academy, Colorado as 083 "Diamond Lil". Was operated by the 7th BW, and in the Vietnam War participated in Linebacker II (also known as the Christmas Bombings), Tail gunner A1C Albert E. Moore credited with a MiG-21 Kill on 24 December 1972. Also based with the 96th BW at Dyess AFB
  • B-52D 55-0085 at the Museum of Aviation, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, was operated by the 99th BW at Anderson AFB and the 7th BW at Carswell AFB.
  • B-52D 55-0094 Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita, Kansas , accepted by the USAF on 30 April 1957 and participated in Arclight.
  • B-52D 56-585 at the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Edwards AFB California.
  • B-52D 56-586 at the Arc Light Memorial, Andersen AFB Guam as " 55-0100 ".
  • B-52D 56-589 converted to GB-52D at Sheppard AFB Texas.
  • B-52D 56-612 at the Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California, was operated by the 93d BW at Castle AFB.
  • B-52D 56-629 at the Eighth Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB Louisiana as " 0629 ", was accepted by the USAF in October 1957 and was operated by the 4258SW at U-Tapao.
  • B-52D 55-057 at Carswell AFB, Maxwell AFB Alabama, was operated by the 306th BW at McCoy AFB and the 7th BW.
  • B-52D 55-062 at the K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum on the former K.I. Sawyer AFB Michigan, accepted by the USAF in February 1957.
  • B-52D 55-067 at the Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona as " 067 The Lone Star Lady ", was operated by the 7th BW at Carswell AFB and withdrawn from service on 5 November 1982.
  • B-52D 55-677 at the Yankee Air Museum, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, Michigan as " 677 ", was operated by the 43rd BW at Anderson AFB and participated in Linebacker II, 96th BW at Dyess AFB.
  • B-52D 55-679 at the March Field Air Museum, Riverside, California as " 679 ". Was accepted by the USAF on 5 June 1957 and operated by the 92nd BW at Ellsworth AFB, 494th BW at Sheppard AFB, 509th BW at Pease AFB and Anderson AFB, 454th BW at March AFB, 22nd BW at Anderson AFB, 99th BW at Anderson AFB and U-Tapao, 43rd SW at U-Tapao, 7th BW at Carswell AFB, 99th BW at Anderson AFB and U-Tapao, 22nd BW at March AFB, 43rd SW at Anderson AFB and participated in Linebacker II, 7th BW at Carswell AFB, 22nd BW at March AFB, 175 combat missions, became a training airframe as a GB-52D and withdrawn from service in 1992.
  • B-52D 55-657 at the South Dakota Air & Space Museum, Also based with the 96th BW at Dyess AFB. Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota
  • B-52D 55-659 at Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona, Also based with the 96th BW at Dyess AFB.
  • B-52D 56-665 at the National Museum of the United States Air Force Dayton, Ohio, was operated by the 97th BW at Blytheville AFB.
  • B-52D 56-676 at the Armed Forces & Aerospace Museum Fairchild AFB Washington as, operated in the Vietnam War and participated in Operation Linebacker II (aka Christmas Bombings), credited as a MiG Killer on 18 December 1972 when Tail gunner SSGT Samuel O. Turner downed a MiG-21. Also based with the 96th BW at Dyess AFB (18 December 1972)
  • B-52D 56-683 at Whiteman AFB Missouri
  • B-52D 56-685 at Dyess AFB Texas
B-52D-40BW 56-687 at Orlando International Airport/former McCoy AFB
  • B-52D 56-687 at the B-52 Memorial Park, Orlando International Airport (Former McCoy AFB), Orlando, Florida, was operated by the 7th BW.
  • B-52D 56-692 at the Kelly Field Heritage Museum, Lackland AFB/Kelly Field Annex, Texas.
  • B-52D 56-695 at Tinker AFB Oklahoma
  • B-52D 56-696 at the Travis Air Museum, Travis AFB California as "Twilight D'Lite".
  • B-52F 57-038 was at the Oklahoma City State Fairground but is being relocated to Palmdale Airpark, Palmdale, California
  • B-52G 57-6468 at Offutt AFB Nebraska
  • B-52G 57-6509 at the Eighth Air Force MuseumBarksdale AFB Louisiana as " 6509 Nine O Nine II ", was operated by the 2nd BW and the 801st BW(P) at Moron AB.
  • B-52G 58-0183 at the Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona as " 0183 Valkyrie ", was operated by the 2nd BW / 596th BS at Barksdale AFB, assigned in January 1991 to Operation Secret Squirrel, withdrawn from servive in July 1991.
  • B-52G 58-0185 at the Air Force Armament Museum Eglin AFB Florida as " 0185 El Lobo II", first assigned to the 4135th Strategic Wing, Strategic Air Command, Eglin AFB, September 1959; last assigned to the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.
  • B-52G 58-0191 at the Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB Utah as " 0191 Bearin' Arms ", was accepted into service on 16 October 1959 and operated by the 72nd BW at Ramey AFB, 456th BW at Beale AFB and Anderson AB, 17th BW at Anderson AB and Robins AFB, 2nd BG at Barksdale AFB, 320th BW at Mather AFB, 97th BW at Blytheville AFB and Edwards AFB, 62nd BW at Fairchild AFB, 93rd BW at Castle AFB, 2nd BW at Barksdale AFB, 93rd BW at Castle AFB, then withdrawn from service in August 1991
  • B-52G 58-0225 at Griffiss AFB Museum Rome, New York as " 0225 Mohawk Valley ", was operated by the 416th BW.
  • B-52G 59-2584 at the Museum of Flight Seattle, Washington
  • B-52G 59-2601 at Langley Air Force Base Virginia.


  • RB-52B 53-379 a former Barrier test aircraft wrecked at Rogers Dry Lakebed, Mojave desert
  • B-52D 55-0100 wreck lies abandoned on the island of Guam
  • B-52E 57-119 wreck at the Rogers Dry Lake - Mojave desert.