212 - G-BOAE

G-BOAE - aircraft number 212
Current registrationG-BOAE
Manufacturer's Serial Number100 -012
Production Variant Number102
Maiden Flight17th March 1977 : Filton, England
British Airways delivery20th July 1977
Registration history First Registered as G-BOAE on 9th May 1975 to the British Aircraft Corporation Ltd
5th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as G-N94AE / N94AE by British Airways / Braniff Airways
1st July 1980 aircraft re-registered as G-BOAE by British Airways
De-Registered - 4th May 2004
Final FlightNovember 17th 2003 - LHR - BGI
Hours Flown23,376 Hrs 7mins
Supersonic Cycles7003
Current UseageRetired from passenger service to Granley Adams Airport Barbados