Grunge Poster Part 1

Design a Grunge-Style Abstract Poster - part 1

Create a new file (File>New) of 929x900/72dpi that must be filled with the Paint Bucket Tool (G) in black color.

1.jpg (2,140 bytes)

On a new layer (Create new layer) we’ll choose a standard brush of #42311B color to paint the background.

2.jpg (26,026 bytes)
3.jpg (16,991 bytes)

Download a set of ready to use brushes for Adobe Photoshop, named BB_HighRes_Grunge_Textures and D_Grungeset1.

Create a new layer again and select here the brush out of the set BB_HighRes_Grunge_Textures. The brush’s color is #2A1305

4.jpg (32,338 bytes)
5.jpg (33,807 bytes)

Set the next indicated styles for the last made layer by clicking on this layer on the layers’ panel: Blending Options>Drop Shadow

6.jpg (40,930 bytes)
7.jpg (45,526 bytes)

On the next new layer we’ll chose a brush out of the same set, BB_HighRes_Grunge_Textures and the color #AC8E65

8.jpg (32,407 bytes)
9.jpg (46,840 bytes)

The layer’s options: Fill 22%, Blending mode-Linear light

10.jpg (29,889 bytes)

Create a new layer again and use on it the standard brush with the Opacity of 20% and try to represent a shadow of black color coming from the picture’s top till down. The middle part of the picture must be processed with white color.

11.jpg (15,908 bytes)
12.jpg (21,091 bytes)

The layer’s options: Blending mode-Soft light

13.jpg (30,657 bytes)

Using the Rectangle Tool (U), we’ll represent the primary layer for the picture’s frame, applying the color #F9E4BC

14.jpg (27,336 bytes)

The layer’s styles: Blending Options>Drop Shadow

15.jpg (41,375 bytes)

Blending Options>Inner Glow

16.jpg (42,704 bytes)
17.jpg (30,582 bytes)