Grunge Poster Part 3

Design a Grunge-Style Abstract Poster - part 3

Press Alt button the same way we did before and make a mouse click between the layers on the layers’ panel:

35.jpg (10,005 bytes)
36.jpg (59,398 bytes)

Now insert the picture on the frame and if necessary we may use the Eraser Tool (E) to cut out the photo’s edges:

37.jpg (26,026 bytes)
38.jpg (44,898 bytes)

The layer’s styles: Blending Options>Drop Shadow

39.jpg (40,899 bytes)
40.jpg (47,282 bytes)

Click on the bottom part of the layers’ panel on the next selection: Create new fill or adjustment layer>Black&White

41.jpg (19,126 bytes)
42.jpg (46,753 bytes)

Press Alt button and click between the Black & White layers and the layer containing the photo on the layers’ panel:

43.jpg (5,160 bytes)
44.jpg (48,528 bytes)

Create a new layer again to represent here a small piece of transparent adhesive tape, applying the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and white color. The tape must be inclined a little with the Free Transform selection.

45.jpg (16,546 bytes)

Choose the Eraser Tool (E) to cut out some parts on the tape’s edges, getting the same picture from below:

46.jpg (10,544 bytes)

Set the next options for the made layer: Fill 34%, Blending Options>Drop Shadow

47.jpg (40,670 bytes)

Blending Options>Gradient Overlay

48.jpg (35,405 bytes)

Gradient’s parameters:

49.jpg (42,510 bytes)
50.jpg (12,633 bytes)
The final result!